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  Artwork by Dan Statler was included in the 'CARNIVORA -The Dark Art of Automobiles' exhibition

CARNIVORA - The Dark Art of Automobiles
May 3 - June 14, 2008
10555 Victory Boulevard • North Hollywood, CA 91606 • 818-762-8488


L'Imagerie Gallery is proud to be hosting the second leg of the exhibition tour of Carnivora: The Dark Art of Automobiles, which will coincide with the official publication release date of the book of the same name published by Barany Books / Scapegoat Publishing with an opening reception on Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 at 7PM.

90 internationally renown Post-Pop artists contributed two or more pieces for the book, of which nearly all will be on display in the exhibition, most notably, Robert Crumb, HR Giger, Robert Williams, Shag, Coop, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Ron English, Marshall Arisman, Stanley Mouse, Glenn Barr, Hajime Soroyama, Winston Smith and Niagara.

Curated by New York artist agent, Les Barany, Carnivora is a shadowy realm where flesh and machine coalesce into humanity's greatest technical achievement — The automobile. Indispensable extensions of our nervous systems, cars are metallic monsters as dark and destructive as the men and women who drive them.

Carnivora: The Dark Art of Automobiles takes you on a chilling joyride powered by the Automotive Age's hottest artists.

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