Vulture Kulture, a visual arts company created in 2003 in Venice, CA by artist Dan Statler, is dedicated to the creation, promotion and exhibition of Mr. Statler's multi-disciplinary artwork, as well as the creation of licensed consumer products.

Mr. Statler has surrounded himself with a team of talented and creative professionals.


The Artist | Dan Statler

Dan Statler is a Production Designer, Writer, Video Director, Photographer, Musician, Graphic Designer and Camera Operator.

After studying Photography in East Texas State University, Dan moved to Los Angeles, CA in 1988. A year later he was working at Boss Films in the Matt Camera Department operating 35mm and 65mm cameras on Batman Returns, Alien 3, Cliffhanger, Far and Away and The Last of the Mohicans. He has also been a Camera Operator for Monster Garage, as well as other TV shows.

Dan has also worked in Special Effects for features like Armageddon, Volcano, Dantešs Peak and Ed Wood, to name a few. His wide experience in the Art Department includes, TV shows, music videos, commercials, and feature films.

He was the Production Designer of Monster Garage, where he designed and created the look of the show, as well as incredible metal artwork inspired by the different themes of the weekly builds, the California Car Culture, the Googie Architecture, the Kustom Kulture and Low Brow Art.

For more information visit THE ARTIST section.


Marketing and Licensing Project Manager | Vivian Velasco

Vivian Velasco is responsible for the development of the Vulture Kulture brand, as well as the brand's licensing program. She manages relationships with licensees, marketing partners, clients and retailers. She is also responsible for Vulture Kulture's online presence.

She has worked for ITV Global Entertainment, Luna Blanca Entertainment, Promofilm and Columbia Pictures, among other companies. She has also worked in the production department for feature films, television shows, commercials, music videos, theater plays and educational projects in Mexico and Los Angeles since 1998.

She is also a professional English/Spanish Translator and a Marketing Consultant for small businesses and artists.

Ms. Velasco was born and raised in Mexico City, she has a BA in Communications and has been living in Venice, CA since 2001.


Art Director | Eduardo Delfin

Eduardo Delfin is a Web and Graphic Designer with an extensive background in advertising and a personal interest in culture. When working in advertising agencies, Eduardo was responsible for the image design of corporate accounts including Danone, Nissan, Banamex, Avantel and Jafra. He also created the web design, marketing strategies and developed the advertising campaigns for Gente Convergente, a non-profit organization.

Mr. Delfin's experience includes the image creation for the Department of Education at the National Museum of Art in Mexico City and the supervision of cultural events at Iberoamerican University.

He was Art Director of the Design Department at the Guanajuato State Cultural Institute in Mexico.


Webmaster | Luis Reyes

Luis Reyes has a BA in Engineering, specializing in Computers and Electronics. He posses a great knowledge in programming, database management and system design. He has worked on the design and implementation of systems for Mexico City's Metropolitan University and for Mexico's National Autonomous University. When not skateboarding or playing baseball, Luis is the webmaster for Vulture Kulture.


Design Collaborator | Kemie Guaida

Kemie Guaida has wide experience as a Web Designer and is a talented Animator. She currently runs, a Web and Graphic Design company. Her illustrations and fonts are featured in the book Free Fonts-Designer Fonts Online (Ziegler-Greco-Riggs, Harper Collins, NY, 2002).

As Art Director at Kausmedia, she was responsible for projects with clients like Volkswagen, Intel, GlaxoSmithKline and Ms. Guaida has a BA in Communications and Design, and currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden. For her complete portfolio, please visit


Design & Video Collaborator | Itzel Ohannessian

Itzel Ohannessian is a Marketing Profeesional, Graphic and Motion Graphic Designer, as well as a Video Editor. She has collaborated with Vulture Kulture in different graphic, consumer product and video projects.

For her complete portfolio, please visit


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